Release Info

Version 1.5 is out. New are two major features: Vibrance adjustment (like saturation but slower and looks way better) and a much faster Blur. Those two form the foundation for the other additions: a Tilt Shift effect, a Lomo filter and a Velvia filter.

Next Version

Version 1.6 is currently in the beginning design and development stages. This version will include an entire remake of the UI. The time has come, as the lists of effects have become long and there is still more I would like to include.

  • image menu
  • file\edit menu
  • crop
  • adjustments menu
  • color balance
  • levels
  • effects menu
  • filters menu
  • brawny filter

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One man's effort to provide a set of photo editing tools worthy of Windows Phone 7.



Best image editing app in the marketplace.
- GeekRajib
This app screams out loud how much dedication has gone into it!!
- BioAbbasi
This app has surprisingly professional features. Feels like a real photo management program.
- MrGroundhog10


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My goal for Pictomaphone is to encompass all of the functionality you might need to create cool photographs with your phone. I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I can ever get there, but I think it is a worthwhile goal, regardless.

This has been a fun project and I've learned way more about how photography works than your average photographer needs to know. Wikipedia was instrumental in learning how many techniques work. And all of the questions I had when I ran into development problems were quickly solved by searching Stack Overflow. Without those two references, I may not have ever put out the first release.

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